About Us


We have the know-how and experience in managing a fleet of over 375 cars in Delhi NCR and other major cities – presenting Ally Car Rental, a professional intercity car rental service, your homely travel partner. We are one of the fastest growing intercity car rental companies in India with a wide range of cars for you to select from.

Whether you are looking for a business travel, a leisure trip, a family trip or just city zipping – we will spoil you with our choices of cars. You just need to find a reason to travel. Ally Car Rental is extremely advantageous for tourists who want to explore in and around places at their own terms.

What makes us unique is the fact that unlike others, we are there to take you to any area within 20 minutes. Our 24*7 service ensures that you don’t have to wait for a pick-up in wee hours of morning as we operate round the clock, 7 days a week. We have tailor- made car rental solutions for both corporate and private sectors. Our entire fleet is driven by affable chauffeurs, who are not only courteous in their services but also act as a humorous travel partner. One of the important aspects of a car rental service is the chauffeur – he is the one who can make or break a trip with his attitude.

That’s why, Ally Car Rental management have stringent driver selection process, where we sought through drivers who are pleasant, informative and have great presence of mind. We don’t stop with this, we continue to make sure that each of our esteemed employees are groomed and trained to be a great travelling guides and road map maneuverers.

We take pride to say that our On –Road Safety and Online Management are on point and meticulous.

  • When it comes to on-road safety, we ensure that all our cars are fully loaded with safety gears; they are clean, well washed and finely tuned for long distance travelling.
  • Like we mentioned earlier, our hired chauffeurs are well groomed and courteous and are capable of calmly handling emergencies.
  • They are also well informed about the local maps and have Basic English knowledge.
  • When it comes to online safety management, we provide highly secured and private server protection where your information is safe from breaches.

For the same reason, we also offer to find solutions for your hotel booking queries. You can put across any question regarding your stay and accommodation and our team will get back to you with relevant information.


Offer eminent service with passion and honesty to clients across the country, ensure sustenance of growth, view customer satisfaction as our paramount priority and make sure that we keep our company ethics intact.


To be one of the most reliable and demanding brands of Car Rental Services that is recognised for their inventive transportation solutions and finest fleet of cars and chauffeurs.

Our Values

Ally Car Rental’s Values and Philosophy Revolve around the Motto: We Care, We Deliver!!

Integrity – Believe in transparent association with customers and business partners with no hidden motives and charges. Our employee bond is built on the same integrity.

Customer Centric – Our day to day work revolve around the 3 C’s of management namely Customer, Commitment and Convenience. We ensure that our packages can be customised; our drivers and customer care staffs committed; and we provide the ultimate convenience, i.e. best travelling experience. Our company is staffed with an excellent team that believes serving customers and taking them to places at the hour of need is not a job but an anthem. We are proactive, professional and technically advanced and we do not hesitate to learn and improve.

Availability – We have provided a 24 hours emergency number to ensure that you aren’t deserted at any place at any time of the day. In the event of accidents and breakdown, we shall send immediate assistance for your safety. We also assure better service during peak seasons for our Corporate Clients.

Reliability – Our chauffeurs have excellent driving and navigation skills. They are trained to act as guides for tourists and during long distance travels. They have also been trained with basic car maintenance and customer relationship etiquettes and also understand and speak simple English language.

Ethics – We ensure our services do not harm the environment. We commit to provide transparent business deals to our people and stake holders. We also recognise our responsibility in the contribution of a greener city and hence ensure that our cars are well maintained so as to cause less auto pollution.

Quality – We believe that service quality is the essence of any service oriented company. That is why we make sure our chauffeurs are well groomed, our website is active all the time and is user friendly, our cars are well maintained, and our people are empathetic and customer friendly.

Our Services

Chauffeur Driven Car Rental

Ally Care Rental is a progressive car rental service providing company in India that offers well maintained car of finest Makes & Models to the corporates.

We ensure seamless services when it comes to booking and travelling. Our chauffeurs are trained to recognise and handle emergencies and unexpected situations tactfully. We have a unique communication system that enables our back end operators to track and connect with chauffeurs any time during travel contingencies.

Corporate Rental Service Package Includes:

  • Daily Rentals/ Adhoc Rental
  • Monthly Rentals/ Lease Rental
  • Outstation Rental
  • Employee Transportation Solution/ Fixed Routes
  • Airport Transfers
  • Corporate Event Transfers
  • Fixed Pick and Drops

People of Ally Care Rental

Our staffs are efficient in offering quick resolutions and sharing information. They have adequate experience from similar industry. The management conducts continuous staff training and development programs so that our employees are aware of the changes in the industry and support customers with their vast knowledge.

Our work environment is not only professionally challenging but highly rewarding for the employees. Our employees are our asset and the face of the company, and so, we aim to provide them a highly enthusiastic and progressive career at Ally Car Rental.

Chauffeurs at Ally Car Rental

All our chauffeurs are experienced in corporate driving; they are appropriately groomed in guest management, can communicate in simple English language if need be, wear proper uniforms, carry cell phones and are great navigators. All of our chauffeurs are recruited after careful sorting procedure. They have a valid driving license with no past police records.

Our chauffeurs carry Valid ID for the safety of customers. The ID card includes Chauffeur Name and Phone number, The Car Registration number and Ally’s Emergency contact number. This card is handed over to the customers at the beginning of the ride.

We also have regular development trainings for our chauffeurs where we talk about managing VIP clients, expectations of corporate clients and facets of women and child safety.

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